Another day – another kitchen…

I don’t shoot super stylish kitchens every day, wish I could – but no matter how hard I put the word out, I can never find enough to meet the constant demand from leading magazines.

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Essex open kitchen, published in Real Homes 2015

Later this week, I’m covering a new, spacious, high quality kitchen sourced from a major national supplier: they’d seen my alerts and requests for leads, looked at what I was doing, and told me about some of their recent installations in different areas from Yorkshire to the Solent area. Naturally they were selective: they’ve educated themselves sufficiently to know the sort of kitchens that national magazine titles want. No, these don’t have to be super opulent and expensive! As with complete home-interiors features, what is sought (simplifying a bit) is something special, stylish, smart, interesting (not all white…), yet affordable and aspirational for a great many magazine readers.

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S.Herts kitchen, shot for a design & build client 2015

I got on the case, speaking to the homeowners to check, first, that they were happy in principle with the idea of a magazine feature, and explaining what was involved. That is, most of a day having their kitchen photographed – including some shots of at least one homeowner – doing an interview, providing much detail about the specification, including costs, generally exposing themselves to public gaze. Most people are happy with this: it’s flattering to have your home featured in a glossy national publication, after all.
Soon after, I was able to include a couple of these kitchens in my schedule, so I visited, took some snaps (literally just snaps, for reference), then at home I put together a presentation for editors.

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Germany: kitchen in a hyper-modern selfbuild home, published in KBB

Gratifyingly quickly, I received a commission from a leading title, very well established, prestigious, sells over 180,000 copies monthly…

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Berkshire, advertising & PR shoot for a kitchen supplier, also made the front cover of Utopia Kitchens & Bathrooms

When this appears in print, the kitchen is shown off very favourably indeed, professionally lit & photographed by me, styled & dressed by a pro stylist; the kitchen provider gets really good incidental publicity, and is named, mentioned favourably in homeowner quotes, with contact details. The homeowner has the thrill of seeing her home in print – her friends will be gobsmacked! I’ll give her a set of the images I shot, for her personal use. Oh, and I’ll get a fee from the magazine publisher…
It’s win-win for everyone. Still amazes me that so many providers of home outfitting, such as kitchens, fail to appreciate the value of giving leads to feature writers like me. Free publicity: what’s not to like?

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